As illustrated above, the International Institute for Sustainable Water Resources is, or has been, involved in a range of water-related research activities, including assessment of status and trends of water systems and the upstream, downstream and sub-surface water systems to which they are connected. Such research will continue as feasible. The Institute also will focus on the management and governance aspects of such scientific findings, particularly as they relate to the sustainable use of these water systems, and their life-supporting ecosystem services.

A prime example will be continuing research and application, in cooperation with the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC) of the Integrated Lake Basin Management platform and its governance elements. Other research will be initiated regarding the role of lakes, reservoirs, wetlands and other lentic (pooled) water systems within the broader hydrologic cycle, including their socioeconomic and policy implications.

Research also will include studies of a more regional or state focus, including Texas lakes and reservoirs, important aquifer systems and the coastal area. The latter will include, as appropriate and as resources allow, issues of local significance, including drought and flood management, and analysis of the potential impacts of climate change on sustainable water resources.

Consultations will be carried out as appropriate and/or requested with relevant local, state, national and international organizations and agencies on water-related issues of common interest, including the development of joint projects where feasible and desirable.

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